Canapés Mini Tarts

Sauté Mushrooms and Leeks
Smoked Salmon and Dill
Curried Onion
Feta & Spinach
Pea, Ham and Crème Fraîche
Tomato, Red Pepper and Parmesan
Red Onion and Goats Cheese

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For the third consecutive year Posh tarts have provided phenomenal catering at a 3 day training event that I organise. The course spans the weekend and the quality lunch and luxurious treats at break time are greatly appreciated.
Katie and Gill have such cheery personas and commendable attention to detail. Candidates feedback on the evaluation forms includes ‘keep the caterers’and requests for recipes!

Thank you once again and I hope you will be available for the 2018 training!

~ Dr Debs Wardle